February 2016 Event

U: You, Universe & The Unified Field
Gerry and Jeremy Tunnell 

“The only hope for human kind is the transformation of the individual”
- Krishnamurti

U: You, Universe & the Unified Field draws on Gerry & Jeremy’s training and presentation experience with the fundamentals of The Institute of HeartMath’s biological study of the hearts electromagnetic field, The Resonance Institutes study of the Unified Field, and the principles of sacred geometry. Together, Gerry & Jeremy have utilized these concepts to teach others how to connect with their individual field and personal coherence.

In the Hawaiian tradition, the word Mana translates to life power. Mana is the energy that flows through all living things, unifying us with each other and our environment. This idea describes the elusive unified field that science has worked to uncover since Einstein first proposed it in 1930.

In today’s world, it is of great importance to understand that separateness is an illusion created by a boundary of self-importance. For we are not only made up of the matter which creates our human form, but we are also beings created in the effigy of the energy that holds all matter together.

Our energy is flowing in, around, and out of neurons and genes that are constantly interacting with the environments both outside and within. It’s sending and receiving in a constant output of various energy wave-forms that inform our universe and in turn inform us. Once we have become novices of this awareness, we can project that energy out to others beyond the boundary of our physical human form.  This is U. 

Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell, MA

Principal Consultant Co3 Consulting/Certified HeartMath Facilitator
Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell is a dynamic instructor and facilitator who demonstrates that the best gift we can give ourselves and others is the practice of resilience; our ability to promote positive emotional perceptions and manage our stress-induced reactions.

A certified trainer of the Institute of HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage Program, a graduate from Antioch University’s Masters of Whole Systems Design and currently a Doctoral student of Transformative Studies and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Gerry understands the importance of co-creating change and the dialogue of learning together. She believes that through systemic thinking and daily practice of resilience, we are able to move towards cultivating an environment of cohesiveness and synchronicity.

Gerry holds Graduate Certificates in Systems Thinking and Design, Integrated Skills for Sustainable Change, and Permaculture Design. She is also a lifetime member with the Ving Tsun Athletic Association and is acknowledged as a Martial Arts Instructor in the Wing Chun Kung-Fu principals.  

Jeremy Tunnell, MA
Associate Consultant Co3 Consulting/Student Delegate - Resonance Project/Editor - Plowline 
A general contractor by day, Jeremy utilizes his work with Co3 Consulting as a means of expressing his findings and explorations in the interests of science, history and spiritual understanding. A student of world religions, physics and sacred geometry, Jeremy provides a consulting perspective that works to move groups and individuals beyond their areas of comfortable understanding and project them to new paradigms: We are more than we know.

Jeremy holds a Master's degree in Whole Systems Design, focusing on systems thinking and operating. He is also a delegate student with the Resonance Institute; a not-for-profit scientific institution publishing and researching on the emerging science of Unified Field Theory and geometric physics.

THURSDAY, February 18th
7:00PM - 9:00PM (6:30 doors open)
Bellingham's Fairhaven Library
Northwest Room Under Outside Stairs
1117 12th St, Bellingham (Fairhaven)

$5-10 Donation Appreciated. No one will be turned away.
Questions: cyndy.sheldon@comcast.net 


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