October 2015 Event

The Books of Alice Bailey – The Ageless Wisdom for Today’s World

Presented by
Dale and Sarah McKechnie

The 24 books written by Alice A. Bailey over a period of thirty
years and in collaboration with a Tibetan master are considered
classics in the Ageless Wisdom tradition

From her conservative British background, Alice Bailey's life (1880-1949) led her in many directions, but always in one direction—towards the time when through drastic personal experience of many kinds she had acquired a synthesis of outlook and understanding, and an absolute conviction that one divine life pervades and animates the one humanity; that the Plan for humanity requires the cooperation and service of trained and dedicated human beings intelligently informed about world affairs, in collaboration with those who form the spiritual Hierarchy, the inner government of the planet.

Dale and Sarah McKechnie are students of these teachings and worked for the Lucis Trust, founded by Alice and Foster Bailey, for more than 35 years.  In this meeting they will focus on some of the major themes of the Bailey writings and their particular relevance for people of goodwill who seek a better world for all.

6:30 (doors open) 7:00PM - 9:00PM
Bellingham Fairhaven Library
Fireside Room Under Outside Stairs
1117 12th St, Bellingham (Fairhaven)

$5-10 Donation Appreciated. No one will be turned away.

Questions: cyndy.sheldon@comcast.net 

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