March 2015 Event

Our Awakening Spirit

Bonita Wutzke

“We are in the midst of a consciousness revolution.  We’ve been taught that the universe is made of matter and energy.  But it’s becoming increasingly clear that it is made of matter, energy…and consciousness.” -- Edgar Mitchell, founder of IONS, Apollo astronaut and scientist.
“The world’s vibration is accelerating and we are entering a new kind of knowing--literally a leap in perception.  This shift transforms you into a new kind of human, living in a reality that functions according to new rules.  We are examining the growing edge of our spiritual, scientific, and technological capacities as extended potentials of the universal species we are becoming”.  -- Institute of Noetic Sciences 
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So real are these experiences that IONS along with labs and think tanks around the world are doing research documenting this growing phenomenon, gathering scientific proof that our consciousness is actually expanding at an accelerating rate. Just as we share our stories here, they invite us to share our stories with them as they now want to track this global phenomenon, how it comes to us, and how it affects our lives. 

Come join us for a lively and inspiring evening of shared experiences of the extra-ordinary.  Some of our stories are as dramatic as Near Death Experiences or the Mystic’s experience of Cosmic Consciousness.  It may be a psychic awareness or precognitions, spontaneous prayer healing, an intuitive knowing. We may sense a presence or hear from a spirit source. These experiences are real and are happening with increasing frequency.

We may have experienced an unquenchable inner yearning for something more, or a crisis that catapulted us into a new and more fulfilling life. Sharing our stories bonds us and expands our awareness of our connection to one another and to Source.  It reiterates the many ways our consciousness is awakening to greater capacities.

We invite you to come and share your story and be inspired by the stories of others.  Just listening to these stories, awakens our inner being with a spark of recognition and connection.  Gathering together creates a synergy that lifts us out of the ordinary and shifts our perspective to a higher level. 

Bonita is both an experiencer and a facilitator of those in transition and is at their side as their Consciousness awakens and their fears turn into ecstasy as memories of who they are come flooding back.  Their extra-ordinary stories and the truths they want shared with humanity are documented in her upcoming book, ‘Going to the Light - From Angst to Ecstasy’.   “Nothing is as we had thought”, they say.  What they experience in that wondrous moment, is the awakened consciousness that humanity is now moving into. They become our greatest teachers if we listen.

Thursday, March 19
7-9PM (Doors open at 6:30)
Fairhaven Library's Fireside Room (lower level)
1117 12th St, Fairhaven

$5 - $10 Donation  (No one will be turned away) 

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